Monday, December 8, 2014


What were my goals and intentions? 
- I was trying to encompass the peace I hold even in
 the darkness.

How did I accomplish my goals?

- I used a mix of colors to represent my calm intentions.  
What was my painting about?
- My painting is about self-medicating meditation.
I used different colors to show a psychedelic presence.
The black shows that even darkness can't move my
inner peace. 

What was my biggest challenge?
- My biggest challenge was keeping the face
in register. 
How did I meet that challenge?
- I turned my mishaps into unique art. 
Where does my painting really work?
- Each print is different then the next. The difference
in each piece of work is what makes it work.
What are some things I have learned?
- I have learned that mistakes are never mistakes,
only I challenge to overcome.

If I had a do-over what would I do?
- If I could change my prints I would change
the hair so it looks different from the shirt.
What do you feel best about your work?
I how different every print is, they each bring
a different story that can relate to everyone. 
What mentor can I name that helped me?
- Mr. Gaudraeu helped my in this piece. He
showed me how to change my mistakes into
something beautiful.
What student in the class helped you?
- Hans helped me cut my mat.